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"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We are running low on Milk powder for The Rhino Babies at the Orphanage so are appealing for your help so that we can keep the orphans supplied with all the nutrients needed to keep them healthy.

 Equipment to increase Security Measures urgently required to help make The Rhino Orphanage a safer place for Rhino Orphans, Animals and Human Caregivers.

With all the rains we have been blessed with, nature is rejoicing and the grass and trees are growing at an alarming rate. 

In the past couple of weeks, 3 massive pythons were caught only meters from where the carers have their meals. One python attacked and almost killed Jess, one of the rescue dogs, another attacked Luna, a rescued kitty. The snakes were all relocated and after a talking to by Riaan, the snake guy, promised to never return. These attacks could have been avoided if the vegetation had been kept under control - thus the need for the equipment as pictured.

A big part of the maintenance on the Orphanage groundd involves the cutting of grass for visibility and safety, and the pruning back of trees/clearing of trees for new fencing of bigger camps. 

Urgently need is a decent all-rounder chainsaw, such as the Stihl MS381, and an industrial brush cutter or two like the Stihl FS280.
The Chainsaw costs around $600, and the BrushCutter around $590. Ideally, we would like to supply two brush cutters: one bladed brush cutter for general veld, and one stringed brush cutter for cleaning along fences.
Aside from the love, veterinary care and protection of the Rhino Orphans, practical measures like these are crucial in the smooth operation of the Orphanage, ensuring the survival and continuous rehabilitation of these precious beings.
Please help us make a practical difference for the animals most in need.





More urgent supplies needed for Rhino orphans below:

1) High density foam mattresses for the treatment of larger Rhinos who have been rescued. 

2) Milton Disinfectant for sterilizing babies Milk bottles.

3) Ringers: I.V. Drips for rhinos in need of critical care .

4) Veterinary Tear gel to protect the rhino babies eyes.

5) Basic Wound Care Kits (Kidney dishes, Suture kits & Forceps).

We have already supplied some foam mattresses which are working very well for the small calves but are not firm enough for larger babies. A four month old weighs more than an adult human.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, not only by me, but more importantly by the animals who will ultimately benefit from your kindness.. Thank you. 

We are in need of a Blood Pressure Monitor, Two stainless steel Medical Trolleys, Two I.V. Drip Stands and a couple of Kidney dishes.

These supplies are essential items required to properly care for the orphan Rhino babies. We are their Front Line, boots on the ground suppliers of the most needed items that are personally delivered to the animals. All we ask is for your support.

The video below is of Mapimpan. He was found at the side of the road barely alive. The tiny Cub was only about 4 days old when he was rescued. He now lives at one of the sanctuaries that we support.

Because of the recent Lion poaching incidents in South Africa, Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation supplied 3 anti-poaching camera traps that alert Rangers when a suspect poacher is near and can be there in just a few minutes thanks to this technology.
We would like to provide more protection for the rescued predators in the sanctuary and also for the areas around The Rhino Orphanage. You can help us provide more Anti-Poaching Camera traps by making a small donation so that we can provide the protection they need. 


You can donate via the donate button on the top of the page or via Bank transfer below. 

First National Bank / Check Account

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Account number - 62518554101

Branch Code - 250-655

Swift code for International - FIRNZAJJ 143.

South African residence can also use ''PayFast'' as a method of payment below.

Thanks to public kindness we have acquired the life-saving Capnograph below for the baby Rhinos.

A Capnograph is a critically important piece of medical diagnostic equipment that measures Blood oxygenation levels. In saving the lives of traumatized rhinos, this unit can be of tremendous help in early detection of Pneumonia. Undiagnosed Pneumonia, or if it is diagnosed too late, can be fatal in rhinos, as they are extremely vulnerable to pulmonary stress.

Only a few short years ago, there was no indication of the present rates of poaching that would take place. Rhino Mommies with small babies are easy targets, because they refuse to leave the baby’s side. This resulted in more Rhino Orphans than what anybody ever expected. There was no precedent, and everything had to be learnt as it went along.

It still is a learning curve every single day. It is only through losing rhinos that we now know how important it is to have a diagnostic tool like this. Early detection can mean life. Even if one rhino were saved by having this Capnograph handy, it would be totally worth it, a hundred times over.

The Capnograph Unit is small and portable, which means that it will be taken directly to the site of the stricken rhino, and can be used to monitor the levels from first treatment. A tube is fed down one nostril during use of the unit. It is not a luxury; it is an absolute necessity in helping to save the lives of these rhinos. 

 Also purchased Anti-Poaching uniforms for the Rangers pictured below who protect the babies as well as food which we have just delivered to them.

WHWF founder Paul Oxton below with the anti-Poaching Rangers we had just supplied

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation has had a very busy year, and we were blessed enough to make a real difference in the lives of some of the rhino orphan babies, the victims of poaching.

Rhinos are poached currently at a rate of more than three a day, and a rhino mommy with a small baby makes an easier target to murder, because the baby is not as fast and strong.

Fewer than 10% of babies left alone after their mothers had been poached, ever make it to safety. And then - there is a huge risk that they might die due to the trauma, as happened recently with two of the babies we supported.

Tragically, the poaching situation is not getting any better, and ongoing support and funding is needed for the ethical sanctuaries who put the welfare of these babies first.

One sure way to make a difference in your own life, would be to support someone who makes a practical difference to the lives of the animals most in need.

#WHWF believes in #EthicalConservation and transparency, and we will always show you exactly where the donations are used.

#RhinoOrphanCare, The video below shows a glimpse into how we help our wildlife through the generous support of the public. WHWF Hands on support..

It truly takes a village to save their lives, and make sure they grow up healthy and strong.

From the carers who stay awake for days on end when a new orphan arrives, to the anti-poaching rangers who are out there, in extreme weather, protecting them. It takes medical and veterinary supplies like huge quantities of disinfectant, special milk and medicine formulas to prevent stomach ulcers (which can be fatal). Oxygen tanks, IV drips, Generators, Food and Supplies for the Human Angels who do this job because it is a calling. Water troughs, hosepipes, soap, consumables, even mattresses for new orphan babies - these are some of the things that we have supplied over the past year and need to continue doing!

Desperately needed right now is some equipment that do not come cheap - Camera traps to serve as an early warning system against poaching, a capnograph which can save a rhino baby's life with early detection of blood oxygen level problems, high-density foam mattresses - the list goes on and on!

Please help us make a difference today, let us give these babies our best. It is Christmas after all - the Spirit of Giving brings so much joy.

South African residence can also use ''PayFast'' as a method of payment below.

You can make a difference in the lives of some Orphaned Baby Rhinos, contribute to our Wild Dog Project or help with equipment for the Rangers who protect our Wildlife.

WHWF is appealing for your help by donating to specifically assist us in supplying food, milk and other items needed for the care of Rhino Orphans and other Wildlife in need. Also you can help us equip the brave Rangers who protect our Wildlife.

You can donate via the donate button on the top of the page or via Bank transfer below. Use "#WHWF" as your reference.

First National Bank / Check Account

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Account number - 62518554101
Branch Code - 250-655
Swift code for International - FIRNZAJJ 143

Department of Social Development Non-Profit Organization. Registration No.: 147-339 NPO.

Public Beneficiary Organization. Section 18A Tax Exempt Registration No: 930051372 PBO.




Ongoing funding needed to purchase supplies for Rhino Orphans & their Caregivers 

You can make a difference in the lives of some Orphaned Baby Rhinos!

WHWF are appealing for your help by donating to specifically assist us in supplying food, milk and other items needed for the care of Rhino Orphans from all over South Africa.

These Orphaned Rhino Babies need consistent care and ongoing love and nurturing to enable them to survive and flourish in the wake of the tragedies they've experienced.

The amazingly dedicated people who care for these precious babies also need our support, there are various items on the wishlist that are desperately needed.

We are also in desperate need of uniforms, night vision glasses, back packs, boots and handcuffs for the Anti-Poaching Rangers who take care of security for the Rhinos.

Please consider giving so that we can continue helping.

We cannot do it without you!

We will be, with your support, purchasing as many items from the wishlist below, as possible, and delivering it directly to where it is most needed.


General & Food Requirements:

  • Clover skim milk powder: 50 kg per week
  • Brown rice: 1 kg per week 
  • Apple juice without preservatives: used with new arrivals 
  • Honey: 300 ml per month 
  • Table salt: 1 kg per week 
  • Glucose powder: 500 g per week 
  • Bicarbonate of soda: 500 g per month
  • Dettol/Savlon: 1 lt per week 
  • Dish washing liquid: 5 ltrs per week
  • Multi-purpose cleaner: 2 ltrs per week
  • Washing powder: 5 kg per week 
  • Kettle cleaner: one box per week 
  • Cleaning cloths: 10 per month 
  • Rubber gloves: 2 pairs per week
  • Refuse bags: 10 per week 
  • Bleach: 2 ltrs per week 
  • Latex gloves: 1 box per month
  • Milton disinfecting fluid: 300 mls per week
  • Toilet paper rolls: 10 per week
  • Q20 spray: 1 can per week
  • Hard-bristle brushes: 2 per month
  • Brooms: 1 per month
  • Stationary cupboard

Ranger Requirements:

  • 12 x Back-Packs for field-work
  • Night vision field glasses
  • Boots
  • Handcuffs
  • Full camouflage uniforms

Veterinary pharmacy requirements:

  • Denkavit calf milk replacer: 25 kg per month
  • Protexin premium or soluble: 1 bucket per week
  • Calostrum Biomel-plus: 1 bucket per 2 weeks
  • Oral electrolytes: to prepare 10 lts per day
  • Antimicrobial spray for wounds: 1 can per month
  • Adult IV drip sets
  • Virkon disinfectant: 1 bucket per 2 weeks
  • Carmino+ sachets
  • Omega oil
  • Syringes: 1, 3, 5, 10, 50 ml

Winter requirements:

  • Jackets for staff and volunteers, different sizes
  • Infrared light bulbs 175w: 1 per month


  • Utility vehicle: very needed to check rhino camps (fences, water troughs, tracks), drop off rubbish, collect feed, etc. URGENT
  • Silent generator: as a power back-up especially in rainy season when power is unpredictable. We need power to run lights, infrared lights and fans on rhinos rooms, fridges containing rhino feed.
  • Cold room: the rhinos go through large amounts of milk and we need to store the milk powder properly to ensure it won’t be affected by variable temperatures
  • Thick rope, 55-gallon drums, chains: part of the enrichment program to elaborate objects to keep rhinos busy and stimulate natural behaviours
  • Equipment: lighting & surge protection
  • Espresso machine
  • Camera traps
  • Food thermometer
  • Bush cutter
  • Linen for volunteers accommodation.
  • Luxury filter cartridge
  • Toner for brother HL-2130 printer

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation has to date supplied a significant portion of supplies to Rhino Orphanages in South Africa, including around 800 Kilo's (1,750 lbs) of milk powder, specialized food and health supplies, as well as other desperately needed equipment such as shovels, spades, rakes and cleaning materials - all required to keep the orphanages operational. 

You can also click on the Dodo page image below to read more about the Orphanage and our last visit.


As part of the Operation RhinoOrphanCare campaign, we are appealing for your help for the Anti-Poaching Unit that protects our Orphan Rhinos and other Wildlife who are in desperate need of supplies to enable them to do their work efficiently.

Field Uniforms, Boots, Handcuffs, Night Vision Glasses, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Flashlights and Winter Jackets, are amongst many items the Rangers who risk their lives daily for our wildlife, are in need of. Please help us to equip these brave individuals.
The fifteen guys in this unit are a special kind of heroes, working under difficult conditions without being properly equipped. They have been incredibly successful over the past three years with zero poaching of rhinos in the area they protect, and have also retrieved every single cycad dug up and smuggled. The precious protected plants are stabilized in a special nursery, before being replanted in the bush where they belong. These guys do amazing work with very little, because they love the bush and animals so much! Imagine how much better they could be if they were properly equipped! You can help!

General Notice on Ethical Fundraising For Conservation.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation will not use funds that are donated by the Public to then be donated to another NPO where further costs would be incurred. We will only use your funds for direct payment to suppliers for items needed to directly help the specific wildlife at risk.



Lunga, Faith & Matthew enjoying the sun after a good mud bath..  


Shaka the Black Rhino after a good feeding of Milk & Carer Jamie preparing Kabelo'smilk..




  Below are the Wonderful caregivers at The Rhino Orphanage  


The video below is of the Rhino Orphans Lunga and Faith enjoying a mud bath at 'The Rhino Orphanage' where Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation were fortunate enough to purchase & deliver much needed Milk and other supplies through the generous continued support from the public. Thank you..

The short video below shows two of the rhino orphans that Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation were able to help through the direct purchasing of milk powder as a result of the public's generous donations.  The "Saving The Survivors" organization have been assisting with these animals for quite some time so were very pleased to give further support with a cause that we're all so passionate about. 



Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that is continually researching trusted beneficiaries. 

All funds raised will go directly to help Anti poaching units, wild animal sanctuaries, orphanages and rehabilitation centers in Africa. We will also be funding desperately needed equipment to assist park rangers so they are better able to perform their duties in protecting wildlife.

We are working diligently to ensure that all funds raised will go to worthy causes for those most in need, to help in the protection and conservation of African wildlife.

It is our mission to make sure that WHWF maintains full transparency in all campaigns that we are involved in so that you may feel secure in your decision to help or raise awareness with any of our fund raising projects.

We also encourage you to give your input and ideas for future campaigns and projects that would help or benefit African wildlife in need.

Please mail us with any questions or suggestions using our 'contact us' page.

Thank you, our wildlife are looking forward to your future support.