Duiker Rescue

Freedom for a Rescued Duiker

Illegal Wildlife Trade and Keeping - an injustice to our Wildlife:

The Illegal Wildlife Trade is carrying on right under our noses. In South Africa it is illegal to keep a wild animal without a permit. Especially in semi-urban areas (such as on small-holdings) it is becoming a real problem, because only a handful of these animals ever get the chance at freedom. Many plot (smallholding) owners think it is normal to have a wild animal like a Duiker, Tortoise or Meerkat as a pet. It normally results in tragedy for the animals, and is doing the greatest injustice to the Wild animals we are supposed to respect and protect. Dezzi was lucky. He got out.

Freedom is just beyond the crate!

*Dezzi was rescued from the illegal #WildlifeTrade on Social Media. He doesn't realize it yet, but his life is about to become magical - just like Nature intended. Read on for the story!
This is the unforgettable moment when we set #DezziTheDuiker free into his new #Wild #ForeverHome.

Releasing Dezzi The Duiker into his new forever free home ©Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

#DezziTheDuiker, Rescued & Released back to the Wild.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation was called in to confiscate a 2-year old Duiker Ram that was illegally kept and advertised for sale on Social Media.
The Duiker had become aggressive - as so often happens when wild animals outgrow their 'cuteness'.
Two site visits later, and many hundreds of kilometers driven, we finally arrived at the site to complete the rescue. Dezzi was darted (sedated) before loading. Dr. Van Niekerk, our vet, also administered antibiotics and a booster shot.
A couple of health stops later, we arrived at his new home.
He was released in the first camp; to be released into the rest of the 1500ha reserve once he could find adequate food. At first, he was uncomfortable with the long veld grass against his flanks - he had only ever walked on mowed lawn. He seemed entranced by the smell of shrubs and dust, and the rocky outcrop underneath his tiny, perfect hooves. It was fascinating to watch him explore the veld inside the holding camp. We hope he'll choose his new lady love soon, from two female Duikers here.
Instinct is a strong force, though, and it was activated only a few minutes after he left the crate. He surveyed his new domain carefully, taking in the smells and the feelings, checking out the boundaries of his camp. Then he bounded over the long grass, testing out his little hooves and legs built for just that.
Two weeks after the release, we have the following update: "Dezzi has been released into the main Reserve. Dezzi is truly at home. No longer needing the supplementary feed left out for him, he only returns like a phantom, to patrol his domain. He only leaves spoor (tracks) now, and is loving his new life."

Watch the Video here:

Dezzi is free, finally.
Go well, Dezzi, live your life free and wild.
Thank you to our kind donors who made this rescue possible.
*In South Africa it is illegal to keep a wild animal without a permit. Don't be that person.
If anyone is in a position to donate towards our continued mission to help wildlife in need, we would be sincerely grateful. We love to help animals whenever possible, but in order to continue our life-saving work, we need the support of the public.
There are several options for you to support us below:
❤ South Africans can also EFT here:
FNB / Cheque Account
Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation
Account number - 62518554101
Branch Code - 250-655
❤ All donations, no matter the amount, are desperately needed and will be greatly appreciated ❤
WHWF is a registered NPO Reg:147-339 and
Public Beneficiary Organisation Reg: 930051372

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Wildlife Center


Since inception, it has always been the dream of Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation to open its own Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center, and be so much more than a Support Organization. But dreams like that come with a heavy price tag, and not one that we could even remotely afford.


Over the past 8 years, Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation has helped thousands of animals, and supported tens of ethical rehabilitation organizations with whatever they may require in order to help save wildlife. From equipping clinics, to driving thousands of kilometers to save a single animal, from doing lion vasectomies in the back of our field truck, Scooby, to catching crickets for illegally traded rescued chameleons, to educating thousands of people on the perils Wildlife face. We have done it all, and so much more that we never mention, and will continue to do, for as long as we are able to. Proudly, #DoingWhatWeSay & #ShowingWhatWeDo. You can see more of what we've done, by clicking here.


Recently, we have taken up the opportunity of a lifetime! WHWF is now situated on the most beautiful farm out in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Here we are free to pursue the dream to build our own WHWF Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center, while still carrying on our work across South Africa, assisting other Organizations and Individuals with supplies and rescuing, relocating and helping animals in any way we possibly can.

All we want to do at WHWF, is help Wildlife, as best we can.

On the farm there is a lot of work to be done - and the funding that would need to be raised to turn this dream into a reality, is substantial, but we remain positive!

The main building is old and needs a lot of repairs, but most importantly, it has a massive room which we would like to develop into the Wildlife Clinic. This room has its own separate entrance and bathroom, which needs to be repaired and upgraded. We would need to add a sterile wash station inside the clinic. There is a sunken area perfect for teaching veterinary students and volunteers hands-on.

Our aim with this entire development is to provide a practical facility for serving the surrounding community with wildlife challenges,  being able to immediately stabilize wild animals in need, deal with wildlife emergencies, and allowing any Veterinarian in need of an equipped clinic to utilize the space.

An additional existing hall could easily be upgraded to into a comfortable training facility.

We would offer these facilities as a training site for various wildlife related issues, such as snake handling, rehabilitation courses and educational programs for youth groups.

The main building also has ample space in the form of a flatlet with its own bathroom that can be developed for volunteer housing. There is a big rondavel which is being used as storage for our equipment at the moment.

For the Rehabilitation part of the Center, we have adequate space to expand and build enclosures, and are currently consulting with LEDET in order to make sure that our developments comply with Nature Conservation’s legal requirements, for the benefit of the Wildlife. There is a large concrete slab, perfect for moveable cages/fixed  enclosures to house temporary rescues before being transferred to speciality rehabilitation facilities, or if within our permit parameters, to be rehabilitated on site.

Unfortunately, the previous caretakers neglected to maintain the beautiful property, and there are substantial repairs & upgrading needed. Work in the form of labour is not the problem, but the development and repair of the infrastructure is what will cost the most.

And to make this dream a reality, we'll need your help to raise the funds.

There is a borehole supplying adequate water, but it is very hard water, and we are looking into water softening systems to benefit not only future patients, but also reduce the wear and tear on existing pipes and infrastructure.

As with any rural area in South Africa, security is of great concern, so we would need to upgrade monitoring, fence security and load-shedding proof security lighting. A radio base station and mobile units would ensure that we are always able to communicate.

We have excellent satellite-based wi-fi, but could use a monthly sponsor to cover those costs for us.

What are we waiting for, you may think?

This really is a dream come true, and now we need to build on it. That needs money.  You can help build this Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center by making a donation, no matter how small. Donate by visiting this page ----> Build the Wild Dream.

Once our BackaBuddy Fundraiser is up, you can donate by clicking here.

We will be uploading our wish list soon. You will find it here, when done ----> Wishlist

In the meantime, if there are any Corporate Sponsors looking to invest in a very worthwhile tax write-off - this is your chance! Please Contact Us if you would like to get involved, or need more information.

WHWF is a registered NPO and PBO, which means that donations from South African tax payers and corporates may qualify for Tax Certificates, taking some sting out of the tax man’s assessment.

Meanwhile we'll keep on working actively on our Big, Wild Plans, with our Passionate Wild Hearts.

To be Continued....

Paul & Carina (CJ)

WHWF - Proposed Clinic & Rehab Facility

Clinic Main Entrance

Proposed Clinic


Existing Concrete Slab for Cages and Holding Enclosures - Clean-up in Progress


Concrete Slab for Temporary Holding or Rehab Enclosures


“A simple act of kindness and compassion towards a single animal may not mean anything to all creatures, but will mean everything to one.”
- Paul Oxton (Founder/Director WHWF)

"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We rely completely on the kind support from the public

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