"Registered Non-Profit Organization 147-339 NPO.

Public Beneficiary Organization Number 930051372.

‘The Future of Wildlife is in Our Hands’

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is a small Non-Profit Organization (registered with the Department of Social Development), doing all we can to make a big impact. We live for helping the wildlife most at risk. We love working hands-on with the animals, and we do our utmost to help every animal we possibly can.

Our Mission is #EthicalConservation, and this means:

  • Making the best possible decision for the Wildlife most at Risk;
  • Ensuring that required aid reaches the wildlife directly, making a practical difference in the lives of the Wildlife we deal with.
  • We are committed to this principle, and continue to work with diverse species such as Rhinos, Lions, Elephants, Wild Dogs, Leopards, Vultures and the lesser known Jackals, Porcupines, Bushbabies, Hedgehogs and Primates of all types.

We provide whatever is needed to save lives or improve living conditions of wildlife: infrastructure, consumables, medicines, capital items, food - even relocation services for Wildlife needing better environments. We always endeavour to leave an animal in a better state or place than where we found it. The welfare of wildlife is our main concern, and we will do whatever it takes and whatever is possible to help – sometimes even having achieved the impossible!

As a Support Organization, we work in collaboration with several Ethical Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation Centres, to ensure that they have the resources to focus on saving animal lives.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is actively involved in raising awareness and educating the youth to appreciate the value of our rich, but threatened Biodiversity, and to protect our magnificent Wildlife Heritage. We teach that a world with humans living in Harmony with Nature and Wildlife is possible, and should be the ultimate goal for everyone.

Because we have no expensive offices or huge overheads, we are in the unique position to maximize every donor cent. We do all of our own Administration, Fundraising, Bookkeeping, Purchasing, Deliveries and Field Work ourselves. In this way we ensure that loving Donations directly reach the animals without being diluted.

We are a multi-racial, non-political organization committed to taking the actions that best serve our Wildlife Heritage.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation would love to see a world where all Wildlife is Safe, Wild and Free – Nature at its very best. And that is up to us.

“Only when the last of the animals horns, tusks, skin and bones have been sold, will mankind realize that money can never buy back our wildlife”

Paul Oxton  (Founder, Director #WHWF)"

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