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Poaching is a highly sensitive and controversial topic. From the poorest of humans poaching bushmeat for survival, to the multi-millionaire running a Rhino-Poaching syndicate with military precision, to the Sangoma (traditional healer) poaching for Muti (medicine); the result is the same - dead Wildlife. Superstition has given rise to the belief that certain animal parts contain magical powers, and the criminals of this world are cashing in.

Anti-Poaching has become big business, struggling to keep up with the constant flow of dirty money into the pockets of Poaching Kingpins. At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, we do our utmost to support the efforts of all who fight against Poaching. Because a lot of the focus is on Rhino (and Lion) Poaching, we have in turn, strongly supported anti-poaching efforts in this field, but not forgetting the bushmeat poaching via snares.

WHWF continues to supply food, equipment, uniforms and emergency kits for Anti-Poaching Rangers. From back-packs to water bottles, field first-aid kits, blankets, survival kits and so much more - the people doing this (mostly) thankless job need all the support they can get. We've installed countless early-warning cameras, supplied field gear, and monitored many, many hours of footage from trail cameras. We've fitted several tracking devices and collars on animals that are in sensitive areas. We've provided water and emergency assistance to rangers in the field, dehydrated after days of tracking poachers.

Most people are aware of Rhino Poaching, but do not even begin to understand the scale of the poaching of Pangolins (up to 100 000 per year), not to mention the poisoning of lions for their teeth and claws. We continue to educate the public, whether at formal talks presented by us, or impromptu meetings with strangers. We believe that children need to be introduced to knowledge of wildlife and the challenges they face so that we can raise a nation of Wildlife Protectors; and we are actively working to make this possible. (We're passionate that way!) These images show just a small portion of the Anti-Poaching work we are involved with.

At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation we are committed to fight Poaching in any way possible, and help secure our precious Wildlife Heritage for the Future.

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