Education and Awareness is key to fostering a nation (and a world) with a culture of care - Protectors of the Natural World and all its wonders.

So often we get stuck in a rut, going to work and home, and forget that there is a whole wide world out there to explore, and we are the Guardians of it!

At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation we are nothing if not passionate about Wildlife. Anyone who's ever attended any of our talks can attest to the fact that we can literally carry on for hours.

We love to share our Passion for Nature whenever we get the chance! We've presented several Talks and have been Guest Speakers at a number of events where we love to give people a glimpse of the world through 'Wild Heart' eyes.

During presentations, our Founder, Paul Oxton's passion has always been the Fauna - the Wildlife, teaching Awareness and Compassion for all the Animals and fostering Love for and understanding of them; while our General Secretary Carina (CJ)'s focus is on Fauna, and teaching Biodiversity and a more Organic approach to living with Wildlife.

Children are the future Protectors of our Natural Heritage, so they need to be taught to Love and Protect that legacy. WHWF fully believes that fostering a Love for Nature in the hearts of all children will result in a future where they would want to naturally care for it.

We are available for Corporate Events and Functions, and as Guest Speakers at any Event where we could share our Passion. We could also tailor-make presentations to your requirements. We can be contacted here or Our Team


"Compassion - Learn it, Teach it, Share it" ~ Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation


"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We rely completely on the kind support from the public


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