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Takealot Step-by-Step Details for Ordering

If you're the kind of person who would like to see what your money does, this is a great option for you! We've set up several Wish Lists on the Takealot platform, so you can see what appeals to you and have it sent to our door.

If you'd like to support us by directly purchasing something from our Takealot Wish List for delivery to our Rehab Gate, please follow these instructions. We've also tested this method with several of our supporters abroad, and it works extremely well! (Keep in mind that the exchange rate is around ZAR18 to USD1 at the moment, or ZAR22 = GBP1).

STEP 1. Click on the relevant wishlist link, and 'heart' the items you are interested in.
Step 2. Create takealot account.
Step 3. Select item(s) from Wishlist(s), and place in shopping cart.
Step 4. Proceed to check-out.
Step 5. Click on Deliver my Order:

Step 6. Fill out the next screen as follows:
Step 7. It will ask for additional address details. Copy and paste this text into the search bar: 7R88+WF Kalfontein, South Africa

Step 8. You can now pay for your order via your chosen method. Remember that USD 1 = +- ZAR 18, so an item of ZAR 5000 will cost approximately USD 275. and so on.
Step 9. Please forward email with order confirmation to wildheartwf.info@gmail.com.

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