When it comes to the Rescue of Wildlife in Need, time is of the essence. At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation we are in the unique position to be able to respond quickly when an Emergency call comes in. No distance is too far, no effort too great. If it's within our power, we will make it happen. We've traveled over 3000kms to rescue three porcupines in danger of being killed, and they are now living a happy life in the wild. This is just one practical example of our belief that every animal has its place in this world, and deserves at least a chance to live Free, Safe and Wild. We do our best to help make that happen.

Working with several Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialists around South Africa, we Rescue Injured/Stricken Animals, and then rely on the Veterinary Specialists to heal the animals, before Rehabilitation can begin. When the time is right, we will fit tracking devices if required, and monitor soft-releases and final releases. Nothing is more exhilarating than watching a wild animal realize it's Free.

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"A Simple act of Kindness and compassion towards a single Animal may not mean anything to all creatures, but will mean everything to one."
~Paul Oxton (Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation)


Paul Oxton (Founder/Director):
  Tel:  +27 (0)72 478 1808
Carina Crayton (CJ - General Secretary/Founding Member): 
  Tel:   +27(0)83 588 3550

"Falling in Love with these Magnificent #WildBabies is the easy part. Proving that love by patiently Rehabilitating them, reducing the Human interaction and ultimately setting them Free (knowing they may not survive), but wanting more than anything for them to live the life they were meant to - that is the ultimate Manifestation of that Love" ~ Carina Crayton (CJ) Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Our latest Rescue:

A Duiker illegally kept for two years and then advertized for sale on Social Media:


Some of our Previous Rescues:



"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We rely completely on the kind support from the public


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