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Department of Social Development/Republic of South Africa. Registration No.: 147-339 NPO
SARS Public Beneficiary Organization Registration No : 930051372 PBO


Any money you raise will go towards protecting precious wildlife and assist animals at ethical sanctuaries we support with supplies and food for animals. If you would like to raise funds for a specific project kindly contact us here.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation will not use public funds to be used by another organization, where further costs would be incurred. We will only use your funds for direct payment for supplies needed to fund our projects that directly help wildlife in need. Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is a Registered South African Non-Profit Organization. WHWF supports various projects, working in the field assisting with Wildlife Treatment and Rescue Operations in Southern Africa.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation Fundraising Platforms :

Having been approached by the relevant Governing Authorities, we have agreed to manage and fund a life-saving Project that will ensure that a number of lions are given a future at a new forever home. Visit : Project #Life4Lions: Working to save ToPS (Threatened or Protected Species)

#Life4Lions What?
The #Life4Lions Project entails certain Veterinary Procedures (like Vasectomies - Phase 1), Veterinary care, Micro-Chipping, DNA sampling and recording, Vaccinations and Health Checks, Relocation and Transport of, in total, 21 captive lions, to safe, ethical, forever home sanctuaries. One of the family units will remain at the current sanctuary after all procedures have been completed.

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With our help, it’s easy to raise funds for Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation! Hold your own event, have a bake sale or challenge yourself with a sporting activity. Any amount you raise will help WHWF rescue and protect wild animals and support the organizations we work with.

Wildlife admirers that are willing to take action and support Wildlife Conservation, while raising vital funds for our projects, are the essence of what moves our mission forward. If you’re ready to get involved and support WHWF and the animals we help, take a look at the many opportunities we have to do just that.




Fundraise for Wildlife


"If we don't make Wildlife a Priority, we will make Wildlife a Problem."
- CJ Carrington

Contact WHWF on or +27 (0)83 588 3550


There's so many ways you can fundraise and so many ways you can spread the word about our cause. Here's some WHWF hints and tips:


*Read our terms and conditions for fundraising. You require written permission from Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation to publicly raise funds for one of our causes. Kindly contact us here for more information.
  • Decide on an event or challenge that is manageable and achievable to you without being overwhelming. Your Birthday could be an ideal opportunity for fundraising. After all, we want you to enjoy your fundraising efforts!
  • Consider the resources available to you to make your fundraiser possible. For example, do you have an available venue? Do you have the right equipment? Will friends and family be available to help you, if required? We have an online fundraising platform and can assist you with an online fundraiser.
  • Create your own BackaBuddy page so that people can donate online *Please contact us first as per our terms and conditions
  • If you are fundraising for a specific Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation project or campaign, e-mail us to receive a specialized downloadable posters for you to print and promote your event or online fundraiser.
  • Share your #WHWFfundraiser on your social media channels, and encourage friends and family to share too.
  • Artists and Musicians wishing to donate and sell their art to support conservation can contact us directly.



"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We rely completely on the kind support from the public

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