WISHLIST – General – August 2020

Medical/Veterinary Consumables such as Gauze, Bandages, Syringes, Feeding Tubes, Stomach Tubes, Needles 18g – 24g; Surgical, Examination and Rubber Gloves; Dust Masks/medical masks, Miracle Nipples, Small feeding bottles for small wildlife.

General Consumables such as Refuse Bags, Toilet Paper, Wet Wipes, Tissues, Sunblock, Bicarb, Glucose, Honey, Non-perishable food items, All cleaning materials and fluids, Rags and Old Towels, Disinfectant, Airtime – 1 x MTN, 1 x Vodacom, Electricity(Funding/ Sponsorship of going off-grid)), Water(Funding).

Cleaning Equipment such as Brooms, Mops, Rakes, Plastic fan rakes, all yard tools such as Pangas, Slashers, Picks, Spades, Shovels, Axes, Hedge Cutters, Large Secateurs, Limb saws, Chainsaws, Brush Cutters etc;

Wildlife & Carnivore Food/Preparation Items such as Chopping Knives, Butcher’s Knives, Meat Saws, Chopping Boards. Whisks, All sizes of Measuring Jugs and Buckets, Measuring cups, teaspoons, Cutlery, Plastic dishes and containers, Carnivore Supplements; Wildlife Probiotics such as Protexin and Diakur, Kitty Milk, Puppy Milk.

Electronic equipment such as 2 x Cellphones, such as Samsung A range; 4 x Professional Tripods for Cameras, 2 x Laptop for Admin, Video Cameras and Monitoring Equipment, Cameras such as Nikon 7000 and lenses; 2 x 2 TB External Hard Drives, 2 x Sturdy Flashdrive Keyrings 32GB; Trap or Trail Cameras, Tracking devices for Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, Vultures, Rhino, Elephants, Night Vision Optics; Binoculars;

General Items for Field Work etc. such as Steel Shelves for the Storage Unit, a Gazebo, Portable Fridge for field work, Transport Cages/Crates of all sizes, Bird Cages of all sizes, Portable Generator, Torches and Batteries, Solar Lights and Spotlights, Durable Boots like Bronx x 2 pairs (Black – Size 6 and 8); Steel Office Cabinet x 2.

Hardware / Tools: Such as equipped toolboxes, Screwdriver and socket sets, Pliers and Secateurs, Hammers, Chisels, Cable Ties – all types and sizes, Duct Tape, Q20, Plastic Storage boxes of all sizes, Ratchet straps for tying down items during transport;

Veterinary Field Kit: Veterinary Field Kit (Large) containing all Veterinary Equipment for Fieldwork, Pole syringe, Dart Gun;

Printing & Marketing Tools: Pull-up Banners for Exhibitions, Printed T-shirts (4 Long and 4 Short-sleeved) Black x 8 (For WHWF Staff), Logo Embroidered/Printed Caps x 25, Printed T-Shirts for Rhino Orphanage Carers x 25, Business Cards x 100ea (2 Different Details), General Printing, laminating and courier services, Paper A4 – 1 box; HP DeskJet 4645 Ink Cartridges, Colour and Black, Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization);

Vehicle Related: Very Important Fuel; New tyres for our Toyota Hilux Bush Vehicle, Gearbox repair for Toyota Hilux Single cab Work-truck. Branding for Single Cab Toyota Work-truck; Tyres for 2 x 4x4’s (Hilux) and one Single Cab Hilux 2 x 4, Pilot Wheel for Trailer. Standard Service for 2 x Work Vehicles – 2 x Toyota; Powerbrake Sytem for Field/Rescue Vehicle. We need an Additional Work Truck – Land Cruiser/ Hilux 4x4 or similar.

Property Related: We have sourced the ideal property where we can set up a rescue and rehab center for Wildlife, but if the repairs are not done, we cannot take over. Upgrades need to be done to the existing infrastructure – an upgrade audit will be done ASAP, and we’ll list all the requirements. We would need to move to off-grid for independent power supply. We’d need sponsorship of rent and utilities – on an ongoing basis. Sponsorship of Insurance fees. Sponsorship of cages and enclosures, setting up and outfitting on-site Wildlife Clinic. (Please contact us to discuss if you’re interested in helping to make this happen.) We are also still open to legacy donations of property, to set up the facility.

Staff Related: Sponsorship of Medical Aid, and Salaries of two staff members, sponsorship of Cleaning and Maintenance Labour once every two weeks.‘The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands’



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WHWF WishList WHWF August 2020


"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

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