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"A simple act of kindness and compassion towards a single animal may not mean anything to all creatures, but will mean everything to one" ~ Paul Oxton (Founder/CEO Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation)

Wish List for Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center – April/May 2024

Dear Supporters, below is an extensive list of the needs for WHWF’s Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center.

You can help by choosing a few items to sponsor, or contacting friends and family to help. Direct donations are always welcome, and if you are aware of Corporates that would like to get involved, please contact them. Second-hand equipment in good condition is welcome. Should you wish to become more involved, we are in need of various drop-off centers around Johannesburg and Pretoria to assist in collecting donated items for us. We also have a takealot wish list where you can buy items and have it directly delivered to us, from anywhere in the world. (Very Urgent items below are in bold)

Infrastructure Wish List:
  • Gum Poles, Laths & Gum Pole Garden Edging
  • Fencing materials – welded mesh, poles, droppers, expanded mesh
  • Bamboo panels / wattle panels for screening and privacy
  • Cage materials – square tubing, wire & mesh, shade cloth
  • Cement, Bags of Concrete mix, Crushed stone, Flagstones
  • Bricks for pathways and foundations
  • Birdcages and Animal cages (Very Large)
  • LED lights, floodlights and cabling, electrical conduit and plug boxes (waterproof & indoor)
  • Conveyor belting for walkways and cage floors
  • Self-etching black paint for cages and enclosures
  • Water purification system from water tank, durable, long-lasting
Clinic Wish List:
  • Stainless steel worktables (catering tables are ideal)
  • Vetwrap, feeding tubes, small syringes (1ml to 5ml)
  • Microscope with slides
  • Infra-red cameras to monitor patients
  • CCTV camera system to monitor outside enclosures
  • Voerdokter diatomaceous earth supplement
  • Calf and Foal Milk replacement
  • Patient Food preparation – blender, utensils, jugs, bowls, plastic containers
  • Steel cupboards for supplies & admin
  • Shelving NB!
  • Lighting NB! Additional tube lights (LED) with consumables for own installation
  • Laptop, printer and tablet for patient records
  • Anaesthetic machine
  • Floor tiles for clinic – 12 x 12m (+-144m2), grey, non-slip are ideal
Equipment Wish List:
  • Trap Cameras for fieldwork
  • Solar Work Lights
  • Generator Wheels
  • Shelving (lots and lots) – also for clinic
  • Heavy duty brush cutter with triangular blade x 2 and professional chainsaw
  • Battery Charger
  • Projector and laptop for training room
  • Tablets x 2 for fieldwork
  • Tall A-frame Ladder
  • Go-Pro for fieldwork
  • Base Station radio and 2 x handheld for security
General Wish List:
  • Canvas to cover mattresses and patient cages, student seating
  • Foam for patient mattresses and student seating
  • Blankets from polar fleece
  • Crocheted nests for patients
  • Hammocks and nests for patients
  • Catnip
  • Ropes and ‘cat trees’
  • Enrichment toys
  • Wooden dog houses and washable overnight shelters
  • Indigenous succulents for tortoise enclosure
  • 2 x Large Wheelie Bins
  • 2 x Large Refuse bins
  • Indigenous trees for enclosures
  • Stationery – all kinds, files, clipboards, white board, etc
  • Infra-red heat lamps and holders
  • Indigenous plants for landscaping around enclosures and cages
  • Water pipes and water troughs
  • Stainless steel double basin set
  • Double concrete basin set
  • Plumbing supplies to add wash stations and laundry area
  • Tree felling team – (sponsored labour and equipment) for on-site safe-making of trees
Vehicle-related wish list:
  • 5 x Tyres for our Field vehicle (31/10/50 15 inch)
  • Shade port or car port x 2 (for 2 vehicles and 2 trailers)
  • Seat covers – canvas for Toyota Hilux field vehicle
  • Service for field vehicle
  • Vehicle (Bakkie) for food / supplies collection and large crate transport.

For any information required, please contact Carina Crayton on (+27) 083 588 3550 or wildheartwf.info@gmail.com or chat to Paul Oxton on (+27) 072 478 1808


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