At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation we believe that the Ethical Conservation Projects of other Organizations also need support in practical ways. We have identified a handful of Ethical Sanctuaries and Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities that we support regularly. For them, we go above and beyond, and we have achieved nothing short of miracles. We equip operating theaters and clinics, supply veterinary consumables, expensive capital items, construction materials and tons of food and medicine when most needed. Helping the Centres with these items enable them to focus on what matters most: the Wildlife they care for. Click below to see a fraction of what we're doing! For our work with Rhino Orphans, see this link: Rhino Orphan Care 


Everybody has a favourite animal. Some Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation Facilities are experts in specific types of animals, and their needs are very specific too! From custom slings for vulture physiotherapy to special milk mixes and super sticky bandage tape for baby elephants, from donut foam cut-outs to protect their sensitive eyes, to wooden spatulas used as splints - the needs are diverse and very interesting. Click below to see what we are doing for Elephants, Birds of Prey, Vultures, Primates (Monkeys and Baboons), and so much more!
Some images of Specific Species WHWF works with.

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General Species

Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation Facilities that take in all species are generally the go to for urban wildlife in trouble, and have a typical can-do attitude with any animal. Because they take care of many different species, their needs are much broader, as they have to be prepared for anything and everything. From long, thin, needles for splinting bat's wings to many different kinds of heat lamps and light requirements for different species - from nocturnal (active at night) to diurnal (active during the day) species - every patient needs to get the adequate, targeted care. Click below to see what we are doing for the Centres taking in all species!

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