Woolworths & MySchool have a program in place that channels funding to the charity of your choice every time you shop there, or at the partners listed below. It is the easiest way to support a cause you care about. And if you are reading this, you care about Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation and the difference we are making on the ground to Wildlife in Southern Africa. Now you can help us do more, without any cost to you. It’s FREE!

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is already a Beneficiary of the #Woolworths #MySchool MyVillage #MyPlanet Program. This means that if you choose us as the Beneficiary on your MySchool card, we get a percentage of the total cost of your shopping, every time you shop and swipe your card at Woolworths and the partners listed below. At NO cost to you!

Every little bit helps, so please sign up today!

This is your chance to support our Wildlife with ZERO COST to you.


This is how YOU can HELP TODAY:




Let's Get Everyone Involved

Companies & Employees

 If you work for a Company passionate about wildlife, how about signing up some staff members to this program? We can help you with that, and it all adds up without costing you a cent!


 If you want to Volunteer for #WHWF in signing up members, we will be happy to assist!

Email Paul Oxton at for any other info needed, or Carina Crayton (CJ) at



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