Donation Tax Benefits for South African Tax Payers

Looking for a Good Cause to Support and pay less Income Tax in the Process?

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is a Registered NPO and PBO. All Donations by South African Corporates and Private Taxpayers are eligible for a Section 18(a) Tax Certificate, which will assist in reducing the income tax payable to SARS.

Department of Social Development/Republic of South Africa. Registration No.: 147-339 NPO
SARS Public Beneficiary Organization Registration No : 930051372 PBO

Some of our past Success Stories with regards to WHWF's use of Tax Deductible Donations include:

  1. The sponsoring of our Field Vehicle, and equipping of it for Emergency Wildlife Rescue (Private individuals and Corporates);
  2. The Purchasing of an Anaesthetic Machine and Oxygen bottle system for the Rhino Orphanage;
  3. The Equipping of Theaters for several Emergency Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers, including an Operating Table and Theater Trolley used for Pangolins;
  4. The Purchasing of Capture and Transport Cages for various species of the Wildlife Most at Risk;
  5. The Supply and Equipping of Rangers with specialized Equipment for Anti-Poaching Work;
  6. The Tagging, Tracking and Monitoring of Rhinos as an Anti-Poaching Measure and much more..

We will need the following details to issue your certificate:

  • Date and Amount of Donation,
  • Full Name of Company or Individual,
  • Registration Number of Company or ID number of Individual,
  • Registered Address,
  • Telephone Number and Contact Details (email to send PDF of Tax Certificate).
Please contact us with any questions!

If you're still unsure, please take a look at our Future Plans and Wishlist 🙂

We're available for Corporate Talks and Education!


CoVid19 has wreaked havoc on the world, and as a result, we have lost a lot of Corporate Support. Please consider helping our Organization survive during these trying times!

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is committed to #EthicalConservation and showing our Donors how their Loving Donations are spent.

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WHWF 6th Annual Xmas Support – The Rhino Orphanage

Xmas Happiness for the Rhino Babies and their Carers:
As always, we do our best to make Christmas extra special for the #WildBabies and caring Staff at The Rhino Orphanage. This year was our 6th Annual Xmas Supply Drop. With the loving care and help of our local community and our valued donors, we were able to perform some miracles during the end of what has been a most challenging year for everyone.
We have been consistent and ongoing supporters of The Rhino Orphanage for the past 5 years, and have supplied countless capital items, veterinary equipment, specialized medicines and food. This is an ongoing support project where we make sure that your donations directly reach its target.

WHWF Team Paul and Carina (CJ) getting some attention from the Rhino Orphans © Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Working through a Wish List:

We pride ourselves on trying to procure every single item on TRO's wish-list, and this year was no different. Loads of probiotic Protexin, industrial wheelbarrows, soap of every conceivable kind, special dual rakes, many liters of disinfectant, 1000 latex gloves, facemasks for the 'new normal', and so much more!

Loads of Protexin Pro-biotics for happy Rhino tummies © Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

The Value of Consumables:

If 2020 taught us anything at all, it is the value of toilet paper, so we made sure the human 🦏 mommies have plenty of that! General soap, disinfectant and cleaning materials are always welcome too - anything that makes it easier to help the Rhino Orphans survive.

Food for the Carers, loads of cleaning supplies and the all-important Toilet paper! © Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Crucial Equipment for Night-time Emergencies:
The girls were particularly excited about the emergency spot-light that would make night time treatment easier. The Carers received some treats too - it is after all, their job to spend countless nights next to a sick Rhino Orphan - doing their bit to help them survive!

Rechargeable Emergency Spotlight for night-time emergencies, and some snacks for the carers © Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Specialized Veterinary Equipment:

The cherry on top of the cake is a complete telescopic pole syringe system, with every size of syringes and attachments available. This is like a syringe on steroids, enabling the treatment of an animal from about 4-5 meters away, and is particularly handy for use with dangerous or scared larger rhinos. This valuable, expensive piece of equipment is on every true Wildlife Rehab's wish list. Rehabilitating Rhinos is physical hard work. Industrial wheelbarrows help make the load a little lighter.

Complete Telescopic Pole Syringe System for dispensing treatment, and Industrial Wheelbarrows for the heavy work © Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Wild Heart 'Santa' Bumper Supply Drop for The Rhino Orphans:
Our lives have changed irrevocably, and we have to adapt. The animals have no choice - they rely on us. We have to continue doing our best for the animals, and also helping the humans who care so much for them.
From our side, WHWF gifted The Rhino Orphanage's Arrie and Mariet Van Deventer with one of our first ever, Limited Edition Big 5 Calendars, as a small token of our appreciation for their dedication.
𝐓♥𝐇♥𝐀♥𝐍♥𝐊♥ ♥𝐘♥𝐎♥𝐔
Thank you to every single person who donated and assisted in any way.
You are all superstars, and we cannot mention anyone, because the list is too long.
Thank you for making this Xmas special for the Rhino Babies, and their carers.

The WHWF Team with Happy Carers and Happy Rhino Babies at The Rhino Orphanage ©Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

To see more of what we do for the Rhino Orphans, click here.

We rely completely on donations from the public to do our work all across Southern Africa. As always, we show you exactly what we do with your loving donations.

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WHWF Rehabilitation Centre

WHWF Rehabilitation Centre

"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We rely completely on the kind support from the public


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Education and Awareness


Education and Awareness is key to fostering a nation (and a world) with a culture of care - Protectors of the Natural World and all its wonders.

So often we get stuck in a rut, going to work and home, and forget that there is a whole wide world out there to explore, and we are the Guardians of it!

At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation we are nothing if not passionate about Wildlife. Anyone who's ever attended any of our talks can attest to the fact that we can literally carry on for hours.

We love to share our Passion for Nature whenever we get the chance! We've presented several Talks and have been Guest Speakers at a number of events where we love to give people a glimpse of the world through 'Wild Heart' eyes.

During presentations, our Founder, Paul Oxton's passion has always been the Fauna - the Wildlife, teaching Awareness and Compassion for all the Animals and fostering Love for and understanding of them; while our General Secretary Carina (CJ)'s focus is on Fauna, and teaching Biodiversity and a more Organic approach to living with Wildlife.

Children are the future Protectors of our Natural Heritage, so they need to be taught to Love and Protect that legacy. WHWF fully believes that fostering a Love for Nature in the hearts of all children will result in a future where they would want to naturally care for it.

We are available for Corporate Events and Functions, and as Guest Speakers at any Event where we could share our Passion. We could also tailor-make presentations to your requirements. We can be contacted here or Our Team


"Compassion - Learn it, Teach it, Share it" ~ Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation


"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We rely completely on the kind support from the public


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Ethical Projects and Support


At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation we believe that the Ethical Conservation Projects of other Organizations also need support in practical ways. We have identified a handful of Ethical Sanctuaries and Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities that we support regularly. For them, we go above and beyond, and we have achieved nothing short of miracles. We equip operating theaters and clinics, supply veterinary consumables, expensive capital items, construction materials and tons of food and medicine when most needed. Helping the Centres with these items enable them to focus on what matters most: the Wildlife they care for. Click below to see a fraction of what we're doing! For our work with Rhino Orphans, see this link: Rhino Orphan Care 


Everybody has a favourite animal. Some Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation Facilities are experts in specific types of animals, and their needs are very specific too! From custom slings for vulture physiotherapy to special milk mixes and super sticky bandage tape for baby elephants, from donut foam cut-outs to protect their sensitive eyes, to wooden spatulas used as splints - the needs are diverse and very interesting. Click below to see what we are doing for Elephants, Birds of Prey, Vultures, Primates (Monkeys and Baboons), and so much more!
Some images of Specific Species WHWF works with.

More Info

General Species

Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation Facilities that take in all species are generally the go to for urban wildlife in trouble, and have a typical can-do attitude with any animal. Because they take care of many different species, their needs are much broader, as they have to be prepared for anything and everything. From long, thin, needles for splinting bat's wings to many different kinds of heat lamps and light requirements for different species - from nocturnal (active at night) to diurnal (active during the day) species - every patient needs to get the adequate, targeted care. Click below to see what we are doing for the Centres taking in all species!

More Info

"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We rely completely on the kind support from the public


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Rescue Relocate Rehab Release


When it comes to the Rescue of Wildlife in Need, time is of the essence. At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation we are in the unique position to be able to respond quickly when an Emergency call comes in. No distance is too far, no effort too great. If it's within our power, we will make it happen. We've traveled over 3000kms to rescue three porcupines in danger of being killed, and they are now living a happy life in the wild. This is just one practical example of our belief that every animal has its place in this world, and deserves at least a chance to live Free, Save and Wild. We do our best to help make that happen.

Working with several Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialists around South Africa, we Rescue Injured/Stricken Animals, and then rely on the Veterinary Specialists to heal the animals, before Rehabilitation can begin. When the time is right, we will fit tracking devices if required, and monitor soft-releases and final releases. Nothing is more exhilarating than watching a wild animal realize it's Free.

Please consider making a small contribution to aid us in our mission to help wildlife in need. We rely completely on the kind support from the public. Click on the Donate button to make a real difference.

"A Simple act of Kindness and compassion towards a single Animal may not mean anything to all creatures, but will mean everything to one."
~Paul Oxton (Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation)


Paul Oxton (Founder/Director):
  Tel:  +27 (0)72 478 1808
Carina Crayton (CJ - General Secretary/Founding Member): 
  Tel:   +27(0)83 588 3550

"Falling in Love with these Magnificent #WildBabies is the easy part. Proving that love by patiently Rehabilitating them, reducing the Human interaction and ultimately setting them Free (knowing they may not survive), but wanting more than anything for them to live the life they were meant to - that is the ultimate Manifestation of that Love" ~ Carina Crayton (CJ) Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Our latest Rescue:

A Duiker illegally kept for two years and then advertized for sale on Social Media:


Some of our Previous Rescues:



"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We rely completely on the kind support from the public


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