How to help Rhino Orphans this December – Updated

Little Falls & Surrounding Areas, Roodepoort:

Our Local Community has been invaluable in their support to help us do what we do best - Helping the Animals most at Risk. If you're a local resident and passionate about our Wildlife, see below how you can help right now!

"During the Covid19 Pandemic Lockdown, WHWF has formed strong bonds with our Local Community. We helped each other weather the storm, and continue to support and network on many levels, so that we can all get through this difficult time together" ~ Carina (CJ) WHWF

The Animals, and more importantly the Wildlife in Rescues and being Rehabilitated, do not have the luxury of being self-reliant. They can only depend on humans to keep them alive and safe. We're helping the humans, now let's help the Rhino Orphans too.


How You can Help - Current Project - December 2020 - Rhino Orphan Care

It's December, and the end of a very trying year. With your help, we will also make the Rhino Orphans and their Human Caregivers feel appreciated. Why don't you check out the wishlist items below, and see which ones you can pop into your shopping trolley? It will make a world of difference to us (WHWF) and will help the Rhino Orphans grow up to be big, healthy and strong. We've locally sourced the best prices and listed them below each pic, so you know what you're in for! We'll gladly arrange to pick up any items you would like to send to the Rhino Babies and their Carers.

Spread a little Love this December - #RhinoOrphanLove!

You can check out the complete article about our 6th Annual Xmas Supply Drop to The Rhino Orphanage here.

If you'd like to support us, but you're not into braving the shops and prefer to make a donation, you can do so here: Ref #RhinoBabies

Addis Buckets with spouts available at Makro for R80 each!


Gifts for The Rhino Orphanage

Take your pick from the items shown on the wishlist here, then WhatsApp us via this site, or send Carina a message on 083 588 3550, to make sure we capture your pledge and do not duplicate items. If you're in the market for sponsoring larger items, like wheelbarrows, emergency lights etc, please let us know to arrange that too! #WHWF #EthicalConservation

Doing what we say - Showing what we Do!

Measuring Jugs - 1 Liter - available at Westpack for R35 each!

Garage Rolls (Paperwipes) Available from Westpack at R109.00 each!

Automatic Washing Powder - available at Westpack - R79.99 for 5kg!

Available at Builders for R160 each!

2 Liter Bottles available at Dischem for R99 each!

Available from Jonsson's at R140 for 20pc Packets!

Available from Leroy Merlin at R139 each; Extra Bait at R19 each!

Available from Westpack at R20ea - Different Colours!

Available from your local grocery store at around R79ea!

Available locally from Shaun (Maverick Chemicals 082 487 1200) at R139 for 48 rolls - 1 Ply!

Building a Strong, Supportive Community is the only way in which we can build a stronger Society ~WHWF

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