13  May 2020:
Target Area: Primate Rescue and Rehabilitation
#Rescued #VervetMonkeys get Emergency Food during COVID-19 #LockDown:

At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, we strive to always help where we can, and we'll never ignore an animal in need.

With the Covid-19 #LockDown entering its 7th week in South Africa, the future is looking very bleak for hundreds of rescued animals. We were fortunate enough to receive just enough funding to do another Emergency Food Drive for the Monkeys (and Baboons) at Bambelela Wildlife Rehab.
We loaded up with 1,800 mealies (corn cobs) from a farm close to us, drove through and dropped it off at the Monkey Rehab Centre, with hundreds of hungry little eyes following our every move. Once again, we were shocked to see how low the food reserves were. The next day, we loaded another 800 from a farm in Bela-Bela, bringing the total to 2,600 pieces of Corn.
Then we spotted the most delicious oranges at the side of the road. Juicy, healthy oranges are packed with Vitamin C to help keep the monkeys healthy and strong. We promptly decided to buy as many as we could, and ended up loading 21 bags of oranges, each containing around 20-25 oranges. The total quantity of oranges was between 450 - 500.
It was absolutely heart-warming to see the cold-room almost full of food.
Watching these little guys snack on the corn is just the best feeling ever!
Soon, every monkey in the facility had a full tummy, and enough energy for another day of mischief.
Once again, we thank our loyal donors from the bottom of our Wild Hearts. Without you, this is simply not possible.

Also a huge thank you to the dedicated caregivers at

Bambelela Wildlife Care NPC & Vervet Monkey Rehab, for the loving care you give to the animals every single day.
* Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation's work with Wildlife across Southern Africa is classified as an Essential Service, and strict permitting conditions apply.
We rely completely on the kind support from the public.
Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is a registered Non-profit Organization and Public Benefit Organization committed to #EthicalConservation.

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