2 August 2020:
Focus Area: Primate Rescue & Rehabilitation
Another successful #WHWF Project completed!
When we received a call from Bambelela to help with food and meds for the rescued monkeys in their care, we immediately jumped into action.
Home to almost 400 Vervet Monkeys being rehabilitated for freedom and wild living again, Bambelela was hit hard by the CoVid19 Lockdown.
At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, we've done four trips to the Rehab facility during Lockdown so far, and have supplied several tons of essential goodies and food, to help the little guys and girls survive through this difficult period.
The latest supply drop was a big surprize, as we were only supposed to take through some veterinary medicines that they desperately needed.
With a total of 5 donations covering our fuel costs, and allowing us to purchase some critical items, we still had huge empty spaces in our truck to fill with food and essentials. Once again, our local community in Little Falls, Roodepoort, immediately started collecting and donating items for this trip.This is where our local support is invaluable. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to our friends and neighbours for supporting our projects in such a pro-active way.
In the end, we managed to deliver a good stash of fruit and veggies, several hundred kilograms of dry food, including maize meal, dog pellets, rice and pasta (which is critical for feeding the older and injured or convalescing monkeys), the eternally sought-after hand sanitizer, dish-washing liquid and washing powder. The smaller babies were not forgotten, and they received a stash of cuddly soft toys, baby cereal and baby blankets. The carers received cute beanies and soft 'human blankets' to help them keep warm when sleeping outside during transition periods.
Also included were hundreds of rolls of Elastoplast bandages to help with wound care, honey which helps speed up wound healing, sterile dress kits to use in the clinic for emergencies, refuse bags, tinned foods, and much more.


Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Field vehicle, Scooby, also acted as an Animal ambulance, transporting an injured vervet for emergency surgery.

In these times we have no option, as human beings, but to stand together. It is the only way we will be able to survive. Those kind humans who look beyond their own strife right now, to help the voiceless; they are the humans who will form a stronger, more ethical world, once we have weathered this storm.
Thank you to our loyal Supporters - without you we are not able to do what we do.
As always, we are showing you exactly where your loving donations have been used to help the #WildBabies.
Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is a Registered Non-Profit Organization and Public Beneficiary Organization, based in Gauteng, South Africa.

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