Emergency Wildlife Rescue Fund needs a Boost!


Our WHWF Emergency Wildlife Rescue Fund needs a Boost!

The ability to be able to act quickly when confronted with a Wildlife Emergency, is invaluable.

At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation we have, over the past few years, successfully completed numerous Wildlife Rescues, often without having adequate resources.

We have decided to set up this Fund, which will be our back-up fund for emergencies, so that we have the funds available for when the Wildlife needs us most. Whether it is for fuel, to be able to travel to site, veterinary supplies that might save a life, or emergency food for stricken animals; your loving Donations are sure to be put to good use.

During LockDown we have travelled extensively, assisting wherever we could, rescuing several different species, and depleting most of our Emergency Funding.

As always, we remain committed to #EthicalConservation, and making sure the assistance directly reaches the animals most in need, as well as #Transparency - always showing what we do with the funds you entrust us with.

Please Help us Boost this Fund Here: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/whwf-emergency-wildlife-rescue-fund

Please follow our facebook page to stay informed!

Thank you, from the bottom of our Wild Hearts, for supporting our WHWF Emergency Wildlife Rescue Fund!





Have a look at our Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation  Current Projects and Ethical Project Support to find out more about the animals we rescue and work with.


Through BackaBuddy you can easily donate to our WHWF Emergency Wildlife Rescue Fund to help us act quickly when confronted with a Wildlife Emergency. Payment methods for the BackaBuddy platform include Credit and certain Debit Cards, PayPal and Instant EFT.

"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation believes in full transparency, keeping donors informed at every step of what their loving donations have achieved and been used for.

"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"

We rely completely on the kind support from the public

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