Rhino Orphan Care

Since the inception of Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, we have been supporting the amazing work done by The Rhino Orphanage, in a pragmatic way. By supplying capital items, food and veterinary equipment to the value of millions of Rands over the years, we continue to do our part to support the ground-breaking work TRO is doing in saving these precious babies. Our aim has always been to supply what is desperately needed, so that the staff and carers at TRO can focus on what they do best, repairing the bodies and lives stolen from these Rhino Babies by Poachers. Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of how we've helped so far.

The Rhino Poaching scourge has resulted in hundreds of Orphaned Baby Rhinos, left behind while their mothers are killed for their horns. These babies are the future of the rhino, and have to be protected at all costs. It is estimated that only 10% of Rhino Orphans are found in time. This means that for every one Orphan rescued, nine will die, undiscovered in the bush.

Here is a small summary of what we've done for TRO to date: #WHWF has supplied tons of dry food and milk replacement, equipped their clinic with oxygen tanks, an anaesthetic machine, a theater light, instrument trolleys, and veterinary equipment too numerous to list. We have supplied fencing and shade-netting to build bomas, water troughs and hose-pipes, industrial maintenance equipment, a washing machine, tumble dryer and generator - to render them self-sufficient during power outages. Mattresses for the babies (and carers) to sleep on, hundreds of blankets, towels, cleaning equipment, and literally thousands of syringes and disposable veterinary items. We have supplied trail cameras and anti-poaching gear, Go-Pro cameras and a horse-box camera for monitoring the babies during transport inside a closed trailer. WHWF has supplied medicine to treat stomach ulcers and other digestive problems, disinfectant, veterinary grade cleaning products, hundreds upon hundreds of liters. The carers are never forgotten either, as we always make sure they are taken care of too, with sunscreen, tick repellant, linen for their rooms, rain gear and warm clothes for Winter mornings. The list of what we have supplied goes on and on.

It is critically important that we save the ones that are left, and in some way manage to secure a future for the survivors, so that our children's children might be able to enjoy the magnificence of seeing rhinos thriving in the wild. In the meantime, Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation will continue to support those that have the same vision as we do - a Safe and Secure, Wild Future for our Wildlife.

#RhinoOrphanCare is an ongoing WHWF project, and your support is always welcome.


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Current Rhino Orphan Care Project

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