Rhino Poaching – 17 Rhino Horns Confiscated

December 15th, 2020
Kempton Park, South Africa:
17 Rhino Horns were seized in sting operation when the authorities acted upon a tip-off at a warehouse in Kempton Park, close to O.R. Tambo International Airport.
The consignment seized was marked as chicken feed, with the destination listed as Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). A wooden shipping container was found to contain a large blue geyser. After grinding it open, 17 pieces of rhino horn were revealed. The horns were covered in foil - a common practice to try and avoid detection at airport scanners. The flat tops visible in some of the wrapped pieces are indicative of previous de-horning (an increasingly common anti-poaching procedure). The weight of the Rhino Horn seized is 72.4kg.
Police are currently following up on information with regards to the identity of the suspect.
According to the HAWKS (Directorate for Priority Crimes Investigation), this successful operation was due to a multi-disciplinary approach and cooperation between various law enforcement agencies.
Rhino Poaching had declined substantially during South Africa's strict CoVid19 Lockdown measures, but has been steadily increasing since restrictions have been eased.

Written by CJ Carrington(WHWF) ©Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

"No-one in the World needs a Rhino Horn, but a Rhino" ~ Paul Oxton (WHWF)

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